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The storyline is much the same as the previous games.

The game itself has over 80 levels across water, land, air and snow to fight through before the final battle for the princess. Some of the bosses are from previous games and others are new to this version.

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The same goes for the powers and abilities that Mario and Luigi can obtain. My favorite part is being able to store extra powers while in the level.

For instance, if you have fire power and you come across another one, the game will bank it for you to use later.

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My husband thinks this game might be a little easier than the previous games, but I rather enjoyed it that way. Cheat alert — If you fail the level enough times, when you start the level again, the game will give you an advantage that will allow you to finish the level unharmed. One of the neat features I heard about but was unable to try out myself is the ability for two players to play at once on their own devices.

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  • As long as both devices have the game loaded, they can share the screen and play at the same time. For the Mario fan this game is a must have and for anyone who has not play any of the previous games , this is a great place to start.

    New Mario Bros. You can purchase Mario Bros.

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